slideshows for WordPress MU

Now you can add slideshows to your WordPress-MU blogs.

Get the slideshre-mu plugin here (just change the .txt extension to .php).

Drop the slideshare-mu.php file into your wp-content/plugin and activate it. If you are running WordPress MU just drop it in the wp-content/plugins-mu directory.

The usage is the same as it is for users:

Slideshows and PowerPoint presentations from can be embedded into your blog posts and pages via a Slideshare shortcode. Shortcodes can be found by going to any slideshow on the Slideshare site and copying the following embed code:


The code can then be pasted into any blog post or page to make the slideshow show up.

By rob

Original author Koen Verhaeghe.

Please let me know if have any problems 🙂

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