Text-Link-Ads widget for WordPress-MU

Text-Link-Ads (TLA) is a a service that allows blog owners to sell text link ads one their blogs. Text Link Ads are unique because they are static html links that can drive targeted traffic and help link popularity which is a top factor in organic search engine rankings. Every blog owner can join TLA and monetize his site. TLA uses a unique WordPress plugin for each blog and in some cases the blog’s theme needs to be edited. If you are a WordPress-MU (WPMU) operator you know that this is not an option for your users.

Text-Link-Ads widget for WordPress-MU (TLA-MU) is a plugin that will allow WPMU users to use the TLA basic service and earn money. On the other hand, WPMU operators can earn money by joining the TLA affiliate program and refer their users to the service.


Current version: 1.0 (run only with PHP5).

Installation: extract the tla_mu.php file and upload it to the mu-plugins directory.

How to use? for instructions on how wpmu users can use the TLA-MU widget click here (I have posted the instructions on a different post so you can point your users to it).

License: Until the first text ad is sold the widget will not show anything on the user’s blog. Once an ad is sold and shown on the blog a “By rob” link will also show (just a little link-love). You can use the plugin for free if the rob link is not removed.

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