Zuggu – is it digg for bloggers?

Ariel, from Today is not over yet, sent me a link to his new tool – Zuggu. According to Ariel, Zuggu.com is a ‘Digg alike’ site created specifically for content related to blogging, making money online, productivity, motivation, entrepreneurship, and related subjects. Zuggu runs on Pligg.


In an interview with Michael Martine Ariel said he “realized that there is a massive amount of great content out there that doesn’t get the credit it deserves or remains almost unknown”. In his opinion the well known bloggers get most of the traffic even when they don’t have the best content. The idea behind Zuggu is to allow less known bloggers in the field of making money online, productivity and alike to get exposed.

Since this is a new tool only time will tell us what it is worth.

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