WPMU new blog settings plugin

This plugin was updated to work with version 2.6 – see here.

In a new forum thread this week a WordPress MU user asked an old question: how to set the default timezone offset for new blogs? The solution proposed was to edit the wp-admin/includes/schema.php file (line 275). This of course should work but it involves in changing wpmu core files, an option I think is not the best one.

The option I propose is to set the default timezone offset option, and other options as well, using a plugin. This is really simple by using the wpmu_new_blog hook. The entire thing is less than 10 lines of code:

function new_blogs_setting( $blog_id )  {
//set your options here:
update_option('gmt_offset', 2);
// stop editing here
add_action('wpmu_new_blog', 'new_blogs_setting');

The plugin can be downloaded from here (wpmu_new_blog.zip) and needs to be droped in the mu-plugins directory. One can add any other default option settings. In the case were a change of an option for existing blogs is required, the script to set global options for all WPMU blogs may be used.

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