Unfiltered MU plugin

As you may know WordPress-MU doe’s not allow the users to use all html tags within their posts and pages. This is to reduce the security risks of allowing running scripts and embeddings unfiltered elements. This is done to all level of users even the systems administrators. However, in some cases, one wants to grant the capability of using unfiltered html tags to system admins or other trusted users. This could be archived by using the Unfiltered MU plugin by Automattic:

Unfiltered MU gives Administrators and Editors the unfiltered_html capability. This prevents WordPress MU from stripping <iframe>, <embed>, etc. from these users’ posts.
The plugin can either be used globally for your entire MU site, or it can be applied on a blog-by-blog basis.
For WordPress MU only. Regular WordPress already offers this feature and does not need this plugin.

If you want to allow unfiltered html to all users (NOT RECOMMENDED) drop the plugin in the mu-plugins directory. To allow it just for certain blogs place the plugin in the plugins directory and enable it on per-blog basis.

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