StatCounter vs. PayPal

According to the StatCounter blog (more here) there are some problems in the PayPal kingdom. It seems that following an update on PayPal’s web site few issues where reported with the service (confirmed by PayPal and some reported to be solved). However, StatCounter claim that more issues arose:

  • The Paypal Handling Cart feature completely broke down
  • Cross border payments could not be made as the drop down country list did not work
  • Customers have been flooded with hundreds of duplicate subscription emails from Paypal
  • Payments from Paypal are no longer associated with the relevant subscriptions
  • Some customers have been and are being DOUBLE BILLED by Paypal
  • Merchants have not been receiving instant payment notifications or failure notifications
  • Merchants/customers are unable to cancel subscriptions

But the main concern was, in StatCounter opinion, is that PayPal did not acknowledge or offer any assistance. They could not get a response fro PayPal via email, phone or any other means of communication. They added that many StatCounter customers did not receive their invoices and some might have been double billed.

I have been using PayPal for some years now and never had any issues with them. If what StatCounter claim is true I see this issue with great concern. the worst thing a company could do is leave their customers in dark and not supply any information and updates.

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