WPMU Cleanup – script to delete unused blogs

WPMU Cleanup is a script that checks the WordPress-MU database for blogs that have not been updated for some time. Then, it sends to these blogs authors an email telling them that their blog will be deleted in a few days if they don’t update it. If the blog is not updated in time it it removed from the system.

Here are the instructions:

This script checks the WPMU database for blogs that have not been updated for X days, then sends a notice to the blogowner that the blog will be deleted after Y days.

It also automatically deletes blogs that have not been updated for Y days, then sends an email to the blog owner.

On both occasions, the script will send a report with details on warned and deleted blogs to the administrator.

This script has *NOT* been programmed as a plugin since it is intended to be executed by a cronjob. As it is now it should be run once every 7 days, but you can configure it to do otherwise.

This script is *NOT* a final version and should be used with caution and only if you know what you are doing. I recommend testing it on a testsite rather than a livesite.

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