WP-TagAds monetizing plugin

WP TagAdsis another plugin by Jorge for you to use as a monetizing tool:

WP TagAds is a new way to display ads on your WordPress blog. WP TagAds is an advertising solution tailored for WordPress bloggers, ads are displayed based on the post tags you assign to a post in your WordPress blog. This is different then say Google Adsense where the page is crawled then ads are displayed based on the findings.

With WP TagAds you are served eBay products based the keywords you assign to a post. Don’t like the ads your are seeing, just change the keywords around a little to get the ads you are looking for.

Ads are displayed via a sidebar widget that is included in the plugin and you can place the widget where you like inside your template. You will need a eBay Campaign ID to start making money. A eBay Campaign ID is issued to you free by the eBay Partner Network.


See it action here (top right)

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