Gravatar enabled badges for WordCamp Israel 2008

For WordCamp SF 2008, Andy Peatling introduced Gravatar enabled name badges. He also released most of the source code he used to produce them – thanks Andy 🙂

On November 16th I will be attending WordCamp Israel 2008in Tel-Aviv. For the event, Sharon Gefen and I have prepared the graphics and script that will produce nice little blackdark blue Gravatar enabled name badges. The main problem was, big surprise, the use of Hebrew fonts with the fpdf library. After some time playing around with it I have managed to produce the following sample:


I hope Andy can find a place to use the Hebrew name badge I have prepared for him with the WordCamp Israel 2008 template:


If the budget will allow us, we will print these name badges for everybody at the camp. In the meanwhile please make sure that you register or update your Gravatar.

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