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Sell links on every page of your site to thousands of advertisers! is the new Text Link Ads service which is, according to Alexa rank, growing very fast.


In short enables you to place link ads on your site and earn money. Their system is somewhat different from Text-Link-Ads. Once you signup, add your site, place the TNX code in your site and get approved, the system will start to index your site and place links on it. For each link placed you will earn points depending mostly on the specific Google PageRank of the page. With the point you earn you can do 3 things:

  1. buy links pointing to your site from other users.
  2. sell to other TNX users (open market).
  3. sell to TNX (current rate is 0.62$ per 1,000 points and growing by 2% each week).

I have given the system a try and it seems to work. I also asked to sell 10,000 point to TNX and received my payment (6.2$) via PayPal in just a few hours.

I’m planing to write a widget for WordPress-MU like the one I wrote for Text-Link-Ads. It will be a few days.

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