How to monetize your WordPress MU site?

So you got a WordPress MU site running and was thinking how you can monetize your new adventure?

There are more than a few ways to monetize your wpmu service but I think that the best ways are those which allow your bloggers to share the profits with you. So the magic words would be revenue sharing.

  1. Text-Link-Ads – TLA is a a service that allows blog owners to sell text link ads one their blogs. As the operator of the wpmu site you can refer your bloggers to the service and profit when they do.
  2. Google Adsense – well, that is the classic way. Allow your users to show Google Adsense ads on their blogs and share the profits.
  3. AuctionAds – AuctionAds is a service that let bloggers place ads for eBay products and earn money. You can share the profits.

Got more ways? Let me know!

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