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PredictAd is a pre-search engine. That means that by pasting a short code to your website, you get an Auto-Complete feature, Live Search on your RSS feeds, and a search monetization option.


This new service by SimplyGen (still in beta) is set to enrich your users searches on your blog (or site). Let us keep the tech stuff for later but by adding a short Java Script to your blog you can add the following cool things:

  • Search Auto-Complete feature – once the user starts to enter a search term into the search box, an auto-complete drop down box will appear. The words in the drop down box can be general, by category or custom. A cool feature is the option for PredictAd to learn previous searches on your site and offer them to new users.

  • Search within your RSS feed – another cool search option is to allow your users to search over your RSS feed. You can see the RSS tab in the image below. Once the user clicks it the search is made within your feed and showing the titles of your posts.


  • Search monetization – so far we have talked about what PredictAd can do for your readers. But what about you? Well, the service can place, non-intrusive text ads related to the users search terms. It is PPC (pay-per-click).

  • Search analytics – ever wanted to know what are people searcing on your site? Well PredictAd will tell you. The advanced reporting tool will show you what were the top search queries, how many searches and clicks you had and what was your revenue share.
  • Sign up advertisers – if you can sign up new advertisers to the service you can earn extra cash. Each referred advertiser that signs up to the program will be registered as your advertiser and you will get 80% of the profit made from his ads on your site. You can also sign up new publishers and earn 5% of their income.

How to implement?

First you will need to place a search box on your blog. You can use any search widget you like. Even Goolge search. Next you will need to log into your PredictAd account and click “PredictAd Setup“:


Beside the several options you will see, the most important one is the “Text Input ID“. The text input id is a unique identifier of the search input box. You can use the “auto-detect” tool which works perfectly if you have only one input box on your blog. When done click the “Generate Code” button and copy-paste the code in the specified areas.

My two cents

This blog does not get to many searches with the in-site search box so I’m just playing around with the service here (you can see it in action on the right sidebar). Other sites I run have more search traffic and this option can help my users and get me some extra income at the same time. I think that PredictAd would be great with faq sections and mini-portals.

Sign up (aff) for a test drive – why not?

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