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Why use a PPTP VPN

People all over the world are being blocked from access to information and services outside of their country. For example, is blocked in China which is preventing free access to information. Some banking services, music and TV shows are blocked outside of the US. One of the ways to overcome these blocks is by […]

My office Temperature (°C)

CloudBerry Online Backup

It took me a while but following my review of the S3 Explorer I finally got to check out the CloudBerry Online Backup software by CloudBerry Labs. As already mentioned in the past, I use the Handy Backupsoftware to backup my local files to a portable hard drive. For a long time a wanted to add […]

A note for WordPress database backup plugin

If you are running WordPress and using the WordPress Database Backup plugin you should read this post. WP-DB-Backup allows you easily to backup your core WordPress database tables. You may also backup other tables in the same database. By default, the plugin backs up the core tables from a predefined list hard coded in the […]

S3 Explorer review

I have been using Amazon web services for some time now. I have started with Amazon Simple Storage (S3) for off-loading WPMU theme files and later on started using it for daily backup of all my web sites and blogs. The backup is actually a small script that zips all my files and send them […]

WordPress on Amazon RDS

Every WordPress blog must have a database to store all its data (posts, comments, settings and so on). WordPress uses the MySQL database. Usually the database is stored locally ob the web server of the blog. In some cases one would want to have the database installed elsewhere for many reasons (loads, capacity, backups). This […]

Gravatar enabled badges for WordCamp Israel 2008

For WordCamp SF 2008, Andy Peatling introduced Gravatar enabled name badges. He also released most of the source code he used to produce them – thanks Andy 🙂 On November 16th I will be attending WordCamp Israel 2008in Tel-Aviv. For the event, Sharon Gefen and I have prepared the graphics and script that will produce […]

WordCamp Israel 2008 – registration open

WordCamp Israel 2008 is set for November 16th in Tel-Aviv. Just a day after we opened the registration we have about 130 submissions on our attendees list but we are aiming for a crowd of about 400! Beside the WordPress usual issues, this year, we are devoting part of the camp to social involvement stuff […]