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WP-TagAds monetizing plugin

WP TagAdsis another plugin by Jorge for you to use as a monetizing tool: WP TagAds is a new way to display ads on your WordPress blog. WP TagAds is an advertising solution tailored for WordPress bloggers, ads are displayed based on the post tags you assign to a post in your WordPress blog. This is different […]

StatCounter vs. PayPal

According to the StatCounter blog (more here) there are some problems in the PayPal kingdom. It seems that following an update on PayPal’s web site few issues where reported with the service (confirmed by PayPal and some reported to be solved). However, StatCounter claim that more issues arose: The Paypal Handling Cart feature completely broke […]

Monetize your blog content using Premium text messaging

Just came accross a new plugin by Zong that allows bloggers to charge readers for post, feed or services via SMS: Content Pay by Zong allows you to monetize your blog content using Premium text messaging. Your reader sends a text message using his mobile phone and he receives a code that gives him access […]

TNX’s PayPal problems

TNX, the text links ads service, is having problems with their PayPal account. TNX uses its PayPal account to receive funds from advertisers and pay webmasters for publishing ads on their web sites. The issues with PayPal was published on the company forum: As for now, payments are sent to publishers using on of the founders […]

Simplified Adsense management

As announced, Google started to roll out the new simplified ads management for Google Adsense. This feature will save the settings of your ad units within your AdSense account. That means, each time you want to change the colors, channels, or even the corner styles for your ad units, you can make the changes directly […]

Just got a free spam post as a comment

I just got a spam comment for my AdSense revenue sharing plugin for WordPress-MU post. Since it is long enough to be a post be itself I will post it without giving the spammer any credit. There were some typos that I corrected. This is a great blog with some great tips. Here are some […] – Text Link Ads service is the new Text Link Ads service which is, according to Alexa rank, growing very fast. In short enables you to place link ads on your site and earn money. Their system is somewhat different from Text-Link-Ads. Once you signup, add your site, place the TNX code in your site and get approved, the […]

AdSense revenue sharing plugin for WordPress-MU

This is an updated version of the AdSense revenue sharing widget for WordPress-MU (in beta). Two things before we start: To stay updated please subscribe to my RSS feed. If you use this plugin it can make you a lot of money. Please consider a donation using the PayPal button on the right – thanks […]