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WordCamp Israel 2008

Following the great success of WordCamp Israel 2007 work has begun to organize the 2008 event. No date had been set yet but I will post about it once a date and location will be determined. Also, a message will be post on the WordCamp site.

WPMU new blog settings plugin – updated

I have updated the WPMU new blog settings plugin to work with the new version of WordPress-Mu, 2.6 (for previous versions see here). The hook used was changed to a new one: populate_options and the update_option function call was replaced with the add_option function call. The main code of the plugin looks like so: <?php […]

WordPress MU 2.6 is out

Donncha posted that the new version of WordPress MU, 2.6, is out: Some of the new features in this release of MU: Version number is 2.6 rather than 1.6 because it just makes sense to synchronise the major version numbers. Signup page now has a nonce which should help in the fight against spammers, for […]

WordPress MU 2.6 beta 1 is out

Donncha released yesterday the first beta version of WordPress-MU 2.6. This version includes the new features of WordPress 2.6.  WordPress MU specific changes include The version number is being bumped to 2.6 rather than 1.6 because of version confusion. Signup page now has a nonce to help defeat spammers. Plugins in wp-content/plugins/ are version checked […]

WP-TagAds monetizing plugin

WP TagAdsis another plugin by Jorge for you to use as a monetizing tool: WP TagAds is a new way to display ads on your WordPress blog. WP TagAds is an advertising solution tailored for WordPress bloggers, ads are displayed based on the post tags you assign to a post in your WordPress blog. This is different […]

WPMU Cleanup – script to delete unused blogs

WPMU Cleanup is a script that checks the WordPress-MU database for blogs that have not been updated for some time. Then, it sends to these blogs authors an email telling them that their blog will be deleted in a few days if they don’t update it. If the blog is not updated in time it […]

A number of projects for WordPress-MU people

There are a few projects for WordPress-MU folks over at asap WPMU installation for beta testers WP MU & WP MU Plug-in Experience Needed Seeking to drive Multiple WordPress sites through One Installation

How to Write Plugins for WordPress MU – updated

Last year I gave a ink to a short post on the basics of WPMU plugin development by itdamager. It turns out that that post is no longer available online. So is a cached copy of it: Plugins for WordPress and WordPress MU are very similar but there are a few specific MU commands and […]