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Why use a PPTP VPN

People all over the world are being blocked from access to information and services outside of their country. For example, is blocked in China which is preventing free access to information. Some banking services, music and TV shows are blocked outside of the US. One of the ways to overcome these blocks is by […]

My office Temperature (°C)

WordCamp Israel 2008 – registration open

WordCamp Israel 2008 is set for November 16th in Tel-Aviv. Just a day after we opened the registration we have about 130 submissions on our attendees list but we are aiming for a crowd of about 400! Beside the WordPress usual issues, this year, we are devoting part of the camp to social involvement stuff […]

How to Write Plugins for WordPress MU – updated

Last year I gave a ink to a short post on the basics of WPMU plugin development by itdamager. It turns out that that post is no longer available online. So is a cached copy of it: Plugins for WordPress and WordPress MU are very similar but there are a few specific MU commands and […]

Unfiltered MU plugin

As you may know WordPress-MU doe’s not allow the users to use all html tags within their posts and pages. This is to reduce the security risks of allowing running scripts and embeddings unfiltered elements. This is done to all level of users even the systems administrators. However, in some cases, one wants to grant […]

I have been plagiarized

I have been plagiarized! This morning I found a back-link from a new WprdPress-MU site that just copied a few of my plugins including their entire posts. Does this look familiar? Well, it should. It is an exact copy of my AdSense revenue sharing widget for WordPress-MU post. Check the rest of this site, you […]

Browser tests and compatibility

Smashing Magazine posted today an article about Browser Tests, Services and Compatibility Test: Cross-browser compatibility is still one of the most complex issues when it comes to web-development. Web standards usually guarantee a (relatively) high degree of consistency, however no browser is perfect and particularly older browsers have always been quite good at surprising web-developers […]

Live arrival and departure traffic report

FeedJit is a service that will show the last visitors to your blog. FEEDJIT gives you real-time traffic data on your blog. No registration required and it’s completely free. See where your visitors are located in the world, which websites they’re arriving from and what they’re clicking when they leave your site. You can have […]