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WordPress MU 2.6 is out

Donncha posted that the new version of WordPress MU, 2.6, is out: Some of the new features in this release of MU: Version number is 2.6 rather than 1.6 because it just makes sense to synchronise the major version numbers. Signup page now has a nonce which should help in the fight against spammers, for […]

WordPress MU 2.6 beta 1 is out

Donncha released yesterday the first beta version of WordPress-MU 2.6. This version includes the new features of WordPress 2.6.  WordPress MU specific changes include The version number is being bumped to 2.6 rather than 1.6 because of version confusion. Signup page now has a nonce to help defeat spammers. Plugins in wp-content/plugins/ are version checked […]