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CloudBerry Online Backup

It took me a while but following my review of the S3 Explorer I finally got to check out the CloudBerry Online Backup software by CloudBerry Labs. As already mentioned in the past, I use the Handy Backupsoftware to backup my local files to a portable hard drive. For a long time a wanted to add […]

S3 Explorer review

I have been using Amazon web services for some time now. I have started with Amazon Simple Storage (S3) for off-loading WPMU theme files and later on started using it for daily backup of all my web sites and blogs. The backup is actually a small script that zips all my files and send them […]

Blogging with WLW

I have been testing the new WLW (Windows Live Writer) for a few weeks now both in English and Hebrew. I must say that I’m very pleased and find the software very easy to use. Once you download it and install you will be asked to set up the connection to your blog: That’s it!

QuickBase – Free 30 day trial

I just found this free online database called QuickBase from Intuit. More and more people and businesses are moving, these days, their data to online services.  This approach gives one central home for all your information — with anytime, anywhere access for your entire team. Yo can get solutions in minutes, not months. No need to wait […]