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WordPress on Amazon RDS

Every WordPress blog must have a database to store all its data (posts, comments, settings and so on). WordPress uses the MySQL database. Usually the database is stored locally ob the web server of the blog. In some cases one would want to have the database installed elsewhere for many reasons (loads, capacity, backups). This […]

Using WP-Super Cache plugin with WordPress MU

Using the WP-Super Cache plugin with WordPress-MU is very simple. WP Super Cache is a static caching plugin for WordPress. It generates html files that are served directly by Apache without processing comparatively heavy PHP scripts. By using this plugin you will speed up your WordPress blog significantly. Instructions on how to install the plugin […]

WPMU new blog settings plugin

This plugin was updated to work with version 2.6 – see here. In a new forum thread this week a WordPress MU user asked an old question: how to set the default timezone offset for new blogs? The solution proposed was to edit the wp-admin/includes/schema.php file (line 275). This of course should work but it […]

Favicon plugin for WordPress-MU

After a little testing it seems that the Favicon Manager WordPress Plugin from Digital Ramble works just fine with WordPress-MU. You are probably familiar with the default favicon that comes with WordPress-MU – . This plugin allows each user to set his own favicon via the Options page.

Use one Themes Directory for Multiple of WordPress and WordPress-MU

If you are running several installs of WordPress and\or WordPress-MU and want to have only one themes directory, the common-themes plugin might be the answer for you. This plugin by zappoman allows you to set an absolute or relative path to a common themes directory.

How to monetize your WordPress MU site?

So you got a WordPress MU site running and was thinking how you can monetize your new adventure? There are more than a few ways to monetize your wpmu service but I think that the best ways are those which allow your bloggers to share the profits with you. So the magic words would be revenue […]

WPMU signup security question

The Signup Security Question plugin for WordPress-MU adds a changeable question to the signup form. Site admins can set the question and answer via the admin backend: The question will be added to the signup form:

Free $25.00 AuctionAds Bonus For New Publishers!

AuctionAds is giving new publishers 25$ just to open an account. The payout is still 50$ but that is half way there.  If you are a WPMU operator why not try my new AuctionAds revenue sharing widget for WordPress-MU.