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CloudBerry Online Backup

It took me a while but following my review of the S3 Explorer I finally got to check out the CloudBerry Online Backup software by CloudBerry Labs. As already mentioned in the past, I use the Handy Backupsoftware to backup my local files to a portable hard drive. For a long time a wanted to add […]

S3 Explorer review

I have been using Amazon web services for some time now. I have started with Amazon Simple Storage (S3) for off-loading WPMU theme files and later on started using it for daily backup of all my web sites and blogs. The backup is actually a small script that zips all my files and send them […]

Amazon’s services Current Status page

In my previous post about the first month data of using Amazon’s S3 I had a comment asking about any down time in the service. Well, I have not noticed any down time but I would like to point you to amazon’s current status page. It reads: Amazon Web Services publishes our most up-to-the-minute information […]

First month data using S3 offloading for WPMU

April was our first month of using the themes-s3 plugin for offloading WordPress-Mu theme files to Amazon-S3. I have received the monthly bill from Amazon just a few days ago and thought I would share the numbers. So here you go ( the numbers in bold are the real costs): $0.15 per GB-Month of storage […]

Off-loading wpmu theme files to Amazon-S3

I saw a few people looking for solutions to off-load wpmu files to Amazon-S3 service. This is something we wanted to try on our installation (just a few thousand blogs) so I wrote a plugin that will serve themes css and image files from S3. The plugin uses the ‘stylesheet_directory_uri‘ filter to set the stylesheet […]