Category Archives: SEO – Text Link Ads service is the new Text Link Ads service which is, according to Alexa rank, growing very fast. In short enables you to place link ads on your site and earn money. Their system is somewhat different from Text-Link-Ads. Once you signup, add your site, place the TNX code in your site and get approved, the […]

Browser tests and compatibility

Smashing Magazine posted today an article about Browser Tests, Services and Compatibility Test: Cross-browser compatibility is still one of the most complex issues when it comes to web-development. Web standards usually guarantee a (relatively) high degree of consistency, however no browser is perfect and particularly older browsers have always been quite good at surprising web-developers […]

See how many google subscribers you have?

A little time back Google Webmasters Tools got a new look. If you take a look at the Statistics section You will see the following data: Top search queries – see how you position on Google for different search terms. Crawl stat – take a look at your Page Rank distribution. What Googlebot sees – […]

Understanding the Google webmaster guidelines

feedthebot is for those who want to follow the Google webmaster guidelines, but seek more definitions, explanations and examples than Google provides in their documentation. The site also features some videos by Patrick Sexton like the one about Avoiding Link Schemes: