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WPMU new blog settings plugin

This plugin was updated to work with version 2.6 – see here. In a new forum thread this week a WordPress MU user asked an old question: how to set the default timezone offset for new blogs? The solution proposed was to edit the wp-admin/includes/schema.php file (line 275). This of course should work but it […]

Favicon plugin for WordPress-MU

After a little testing it seems that the Favicon Manager WordPress Plugin from Digital Ramble works just fine with WordPress-MU. You are probably familiar with the default favicon that comes with WordPress-MU – . This plugin allows each user to set his own favicon via the Options page.

GRavatar plugin for WordPress and WordPress-MU

The GRavatar plugin works out of the mu-plugins directory and allows each blog user to enable it on his\her blog via the backend (under the presentation menu) we don’t want to force things on our users, do we? There are reports that the GRavatar service slows down page loads so we will be adding a […]

Use one Themes Directory for Multiple of WordPress and WordPress-MU

If you are running several installs of WordPress and\or WordPress-MU and want to have only one themes directory, the common-themes plugin might be the answer for you. This plugin by zappoman allows you to set an absolute or relative path to a common themes directory.

AdSense revenue sharing plugin for WordPress-MU

This is an updated version of the AdSense revenue sharing widget for WordPress-MU (in beta). Two things before we start: To stay updated please subscribe to my RSS feed. If you use this plugin it can make you a lot of money. Please consider a donation using the PayPal button on the right – thanks […]

Syntax Highlighter plugin for WordPress-MU

For some time now I was looking for a Syntax Highlighter plugin that will work good with WordPress-MU out of the mu-plugins directory. Since I could not find one I decided to modify an existing plugin. I chose the SyntaxHighlighter plugin by Erik Range. This plugin is actually based on code provided by Alex Gorbatchev. […]

Get your phpinfo of your WordPress blog

One in a while you run into trouble with your WordPress blog. If you can’t figure it out you can try posting your issue in the WordPress support forums. It would be a good idea to let the good people helping you know a few details about your server environment. If you use the nt-phpinfo […]

BlogRush widget for WordPress-MU

If you want to help your WordPress-MU bloggers drive more traffic to their blogs, why not let them use BlogRush. You can watch the short BlogRush video to learn about it but in short this widget shows related posts from other blogs (like the one currently on the sidebar). Each time the widget is shown, […]